Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby Kai cute...totemo kawaii !
just look at his chubby cheeks!
isnt he just cute?

n now hes the one of the hottest drummer in Japan ! *proud* haha

ai shi te ru no Kai-kun!!

Kai is my favourite member on GazettE

i love yahhhhh!~


the logo of the band

very unique n special...

spread the Gazelove

Ruki the vocalist

Matsumoto Takanori,28 years old...
the vocalist of the GazettE...
surely...hes hawtttt......

who didnt fall in love with him??

the GazettE new looks

arent they super
hawt n sexy??

Just look at Kai-kun
he so pretty with his new long hairstyle..
aah *faint*

n also the other members...they're sexier days by days!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Holla! i've been not updating this blog for ages! O_O n i know its totally suck xD
But i still wanna thank you for visiting,commenting n following my blog...i am so gladful..ure roxx!

Oh yeah,theres lots of Gajetto's news n stuff that i havent put it here...but i will update this blog as soon as possible...

I havent wrote a fanfic for ages too *rofl* i dont know what is going on with me,i am too lazy nowadays xD Wake UP chie!!! Hihi~ i will make a new fanfic please wait n supporting it ne minna? ^^ the moment i will just post some old n latest pictures of the GazettE ENJOYYYY!

Muahx for all....we RULEZZZZ!

Monday, February 15, 2010